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My period panties have become stained over time, what can I do?Updated 8 months ago

It may happen that after a period of time wearing your menstrual panties (3 months onwards perhaps), you might notice stains on them, even after washing them as directed.

Unlike stains caused by poor washing, these are not traces of blood, but a discoloration of the dye in the organic cotton panties

IMPORTANT: this does not affect the quality or absorbency of the underwear, but may be aesthetically unappealing.

It is important to note that this discoloration does not indicate poor quality of the materials used in your period panty. 

The staining is caused by the acidity of your menstrual flow and varies from person to person. It is simply an indicator that your body is healthy and your flow is completely normal and common. Some people recommend using intimate soaps and some doctors do not. For more details, we recommend that you visit your doctor. 

The appearance of these stains as reddish or white discoloration is only because of this factor, this will not affect the effectiveness of your menstrual panty. There are women who experience this and others who do not. In fact, very acidic flows can even cause small holes in the thin cotton.

How to prevent discoloration of your panties? 

We recommend changing your underwear more regularly and rinsing them quickly after use to minimize the impact on your underwear's appearance. 

To reduce discoloration, rinse them in cold water without soap immediately after use and then wash them in the washing machine.

Do I have a warranty if my panties were stained this way?

Since this is specifically dependent on the individual, we only have a 30-day warranty. There is no need to change or discard your panties when they are stained as they will continue to function for the absorption of your menstrual flow.

Unfortunately, if your panty has stained after 1 month or more of use, we cannot cover it. We recommend that you follow the instructions above (Change them more regularly and rinse them immediately upon removal) to prevent this from happening to you. 

Remember that this will depend on the acidity of your discharge only and only happens to some women, don't worry! This indicates that you are very healthy and your acid flow is protecting you from possible infections, it is completely normal.

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